Alien-Looking Entity Caught On Camera In Salford

A video footage on YouTube posted by Para Truthers channel seems to manifest extra terrestrial in Salford. The channel says in the video description that that grey alien caught on camera in January 2015 in Salford, UK. The report adds that the entity is definitely an alien by the way it walks and too skinny and tall to be just a regular person. It also says that the skin appears to be wet like a snake’s skin. The channel shortly describes the entity as rare, tall, white type of Grey.

The account has been posting several other sightings of Grey Aliens, similar to the latest post. It also made a claim that it was shut down recently by the Government.

While many reactions to the video have been sceptical, one commenter claims living in Salford and concerned about the possibility of space aliens being sighted in the area.

YouTube username Chebbers Deighton says the head looks creepy, and the entity makes weird movement like everyone is talking about in Salford. Deighton adds that it is not right for anyone to say it is fake if he or she is not living in the area.

Believed to have been found in Salford in January, only in February the video of the strange being was posted to YouTube by Para Truthers. But it is not evident in the video where it was taken.

Many viewers of the video don’t believe that it shows a being from another planet. Commenter Jon Haire says that someone put on a cheap skin tight suit and put something in the head.

Alien sighting is not new in Greater Manchester. Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays claims to have seen aliens growing up and says that there have been over 20 UFO sightings. A caller from Wigan reported seeing 17 spaceships with green aliens inside. In 2009, two sightings were reportedly happening in Stockport on the same day.

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Researchers Could Find Extraterrestrial Life But Don’t Get Enough Funding From the Government

While alien life has been featured in many Hollywood movies and widely present in different media, it has never proven alien life exist even in the form of microbe.

Despite all adversities, researchers continue to pursue what could have been the greatest discovery of recent generation. These scientists support their speculations with astronomical facts that were not known by generation in the past.

NASA’s Kepler space telescope has some success in recent years, particularly on the discovery that the universe has many temperate worlds. Scientists discovered thousands of planets around other stars in the past 20 years. Recently discovered turn at least once a day rate.

It is more interesting to know that majority of stars have planets, suggesting that the Milky Way galaxy alone has trillions of planets. Kepler data suggests that 1 in 5 stars could be habitable since it is similar to Earth when it comes to size and temperatures. Such so-called habitable planets could be wrapped by atmospheres and covered in liquid water. In short, it is has a great probability that the Milky Way is a host to billions of Earth-like planets.

However, finding inhabitants in attractive cosmic land would be still difficult. The research for habitable planets so far has been indirect. NASA has been sending rovers to survey what is considered habitable surface in the universe. However, progress is sluggish and deliberate, mostly because of lack of funding.

The second method in looking for inhabitants is through using spectroscopy. A method that can determine the composition of an atmosphere in many light years away. However, researchers find it difficult to find oxygen or methane in someone else’s atmosphere because planets are dim and they orbit in bright stars. Solutions for this difficulty have been suggested by experts, such as sending high-tech orbiting telescopes and large light blockers. Engineers are capable to build the necessary equipment on a dozen years but could not do so because they had no money.

The third approach is looking for intelligent alien life by scanning for radio signals in the universe, but again, funding is very minimal.

NASA only has US$2.5 billion 2015 proposed budget for ongoing work on the new James Webb space telescope, astrophysics and planetary science. The budget is less than one-thousandth of the total federal budget of the U.S. Meanwhile, the budget for SETI, which search alien radio signals in the cosmos, will receive a thousand times less next year. The lack of will from the government hinders the process of discovering alien life.

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Aliens following the trains in Russia.

Strange Beings Light who pursue Trains in Russia

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The Truth Is Out There Ignoring Mankind

Many American adults are open to the idea that UFOs were visiting Earth to observe human activities, according to the result of a poll conducted last year.

The poll revealed that 48 percent of American adults believe on the possibility of alien visitation, but the reason why extraterrestrials observe mankind remains a mystery. Perhaps, humanity is not looking more at the possibility because of anticipation that it is not going to be good. But sometimes it is difficult not to look at it.

Maybe, while in the middle of a dinner when aliens taking their foods with their own dinnerware, one of them wishes he could unseen what he saw right now down on Earth.

To a civilization that is ahead of mankind perhaps millions of years, humanity should look like a mess. This is one theory that the humanity has never been contacted by aliens. Mankind is too primitive brother to them. Many people lean toward that theory, including astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

UFOs are one of people’s guilty pleasure. Many people like to watch UFO videos when not doing serious activities such as watching banjo videos or funny pet videos. Almost all of the UFO videos are either barely discernable, computer-generated imagery or shaky dots of light.

Still many are hoping to watch real UFO videos. If aliens would pay less attention to human activities such as wars, environmental crimes and nonsense political gimmicks, maybe they would love to check humanity’s music and cute dogs, and make a landing on somebody’s lawn soon.

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Alien invasion scare – Mass UFO sightings; Houston, Texas the next Battle Los Angeles

houston ufo

Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us. We would see things differently when we look them at a different perspective.

Strange light formations are observed in various parts of Houston each passing day which will leave us a question, are these lights just tricks made by our eyes, or are they something else?

A recent series of UFO sightings above the skies in Houston, Texas is now creating a massive buzz in social media sites. The massive extraterrestrial activity in the city has sparked speculation of an alien invasion and a real-life Independence Day scare became talk of the town. If there’s a place on earth today that will need a defense for an alien invasion, that place would probably be Texas. Make sense if we are expecting a real-life Independence Day or Battle Los Angeles scenario.

Numerous witnesses who posted their photo and video evidence of the sightings make the subject a hot topic in Facebook, twitter and YouTube as of the moment.
Andrew Pena shot one of the most interesting footage, Pena is a YouTube user who accidentally caught a formation of weird lights while filming a lightning storm in Houston on August 11, 2014.

More sightings of strange lights in Houston from different witnesses have surfaced. Each having their unique accounts of what they have seen.

Accounts of the UFO sightings were taken to Dr. Carolyn Sumners – Vice President for Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science for comments. She said UFO sightings could be caused by aliens, which are easy to say. If they are real, more witnesses seeing it from different places, the more likely we are to figure it out. A lot of things happened through our recorded history that we cannot explain, but that is what keeps the mystery exciting, she added.

Some are skeptical about the sightings; they say the lights were reflections coming from billboards, lamp posts and some other light source that could probably be identified as something abnormal by other people. Some also believe that the mysterious sightings could be a sign that there is something unknown lurking above the city, and their purpose and intentions still remain a mystery.

If the massive UFO sightings in Houston are extraterrestrial in origin, is there a need for us to worry? Stay calm and always watch the news. We don’t know what is coming.

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Legend of The Lost City And Lizard People

Los Angeles is one of the busiest city in the world that people are not aware of the little changes in the environment or perhaps no time to think such things. However, there could be a big thing that left unnoticed for a long period over the hustle and bustle of modern day. The city may stand above another city of catacombs or the lost city filled with enormous numbers of treasure and preserved ancient records of human races that are way more advanced when it comes to technology and intellect than the most-intelligent man in the modern era.

Geophysical engineer G. Warren Shufelt is very interested to reveal the history of the lost city underneath Fort Moore Hill and the truth about the legendary Lizard People. Shufelt with few associates has driven a 250 feet shaft under downtown Los Angeles with the mouth positioned on the old Banning property at North Hill Street. The location is overlooking North Broadway and Sunset Boulevard. Shufelt has a strong belief that his team can discover catacombs and golden tablets.


Shufelt learned the tale of the Lizard People when his radio X-ray led him under Mt. Washington. He was told about the Lizard People when he shared his discovery to experts and locals. Shufelt knew that he was discovering a tunnel-like structure under the ground of the busy city. So, he mapped up the pattern of tunnels carefully and identified the specific locations of large rooms throughout the underground structure as well as the place of gold deposits. However, he doesn’t have an idea on the meaning of the structure.

According to the legend, Lizard People are ancient people with more advanced intellect than modern humans. Shufelt may reveal one of the three lost underground cities on the Pacific Coast, which the Lizard People created after being hit by a catastrophic event occurred 5000 years ago.

Legend states that very huge tongue fire destroyed everything in its path which started from Southwest. The fire measured hundreds of miles wide. To protect themselves from the same catastrophe, the Lizard People built underground tunnel and storage spaces for their foods in case a catastrophic event lasts for many days.

According to the legend, Lizard People did not use the traditional pick and shovel to make tunnels. Instead, they use powerful chemicals for the creation and ventilation. Large rooms were occupied by thousands of families and their foods were stored in the catacombs.  Lizard People made a key room that served as a directory to all parts of the city and their records were kept on gold tablets, which measured 4 feet long and 14 inches wide.

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Alien life in space is possible, says SETI astronomers

The existence of primitive alien life in planets within the Milky Way galaxy is 100% possible as scientific evidence suggests. SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) astronomers Dan Werthimer and Seth Shostak told the US congress on May 23 that the outer space is “teeming with primitive life.”

aliensIn Werthimer’s written testimony he said that life and conditions necessary for life to exist can be seen within our galaxy and perhaps within our own solar system. Dr. Werthimer and Dr. Shostak said that the abundance of planets across the Milky Way galaxy roughly one trillion suggests that our universe might also be abundant with both intelligent and primitive life.

The astronomers presented evidence that suggests that primitive alien life in our own solar system is possible. Jupiter’s moon Europa might have the possibility of life. It is believed to have oceans below its uppermost layers of ice.

The purpose of their presentation in the House Committee is to secure further funding to support their continuous study and search for alien life in outer space. The pair said that developing and upgrading the tools and technologies like the Arecibo telescope-the largest radio telescope in the world, will greatly help identify distant civilization. There could be signals from extraterrestrial civility that is now reaching our planet but it is impossible to discover these signals with old SETI projects said the pair.

The US is will soon be overwhelmed by other countries, with China currently developing a radio telescope which measures 500 meters in diameter (larger than Arecibo). Dr. Werthimer said China may soon surpass SETI’s research capabilities and become the world’s preeminent prime radio telescope.

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