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The Truth Is Out There Ignoring Mankind

Many American adults are open to the idea that UFOs were visiting Earth to observe human activities, according to the result of a poll conducted last year.

The poll revealed that 48 percent of American adults believe on the possibility of alien visitation, but the reason why extraterrestrials observe mankind remains a mystery. Perhaps, humanity is not looking more at the possibility because of anticipation that it is not going to be good. But sometimes it is difficult not to look at it.

Maybe, while in the middle of a dinner when aliens taking their foods with their own dinnerware, one of them wishes he could unseen what he saw right now down on Earth.

To a civilization that is ahead of mankind perhaps millions of years, humanity should look like a mess. This is one theory that the humanity has never been contacted by aliens. Mankind is too primitive brother to them. Many people lean toward that theory, including astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

UFOs are one of people’s guilty pleasure. Many people like to watch UFO videos when not doing serious activities such as watching banjo videos or funny pet videos. Almost all of the UFO videos are either barely discernable, computer-generated imagery or shaky dots of light.

Still many are hoping to watch real UFO videos. If aliens would pay less attention to human activities such as wars, environmental crimes and nonsense political gimmicks, maybe they would love to check humanity’s music and cute dogs, and make a landing on somebody’s lawn soon.

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Legend of The Lost City And Lizard People

Los Angeles is one of the busiest city in the world that people are not aware of the little changes in the environment or perhaps no time to think such things. However, there could be a big thing that left unnoticed for a long period over the hustle and bustle of modern day. The city may stand above another city of catacombs or the lost city filled with enormous numbers of treasure and preserved ancient records of human races that are way more advanced when it comes to technology and intellect than the most-intelligent man in the modern era.

Geophysical engineer G. Warren Shufelt is very interested to reveal the history of the lost city underneath Fort Moore Hill and the truth about the legendary Lizard People. Shufelt with few associates has driven a 250 feet shaft under downtown Los Angeles with the mouth positioned on the old Banning property at North Hill Street. The location is overlooking North Broadway and Sunset Boulevard. Shufelt has a strong belief that his team can discover catacombs and golden tablets.


Shufelt learned the tale of the Lizard People when his radio X-ray led him under Mt. Washington. He was told about the Lizard People when he shared his discovery to experts and locals. Shufelt knew that he was discovering a tunnel-like structure under the ground of the busy city. So, he mapped up the pattern of tunnels carefully and identified the specific locations of large rooms throughout the underground structure as well as the place of gold deposits. However, he doesn’t have an idea on the meaning of the structure.

According to the legend, Lizard People are ancient people with more advanced intellect than modern humans. Shufelt may reveal one of the three lost underground cities on the Pacific Coast, which the Lizard People created after being hit by a catastrophic event occurred 5000 years ago.

Legend states that very huge tongue fire destroyed everything in its path which started from Southwest. The fire measured hundreds of miles wide. To protect themselves from the same catastrophe, the Lizard People built underground tunnel and storage spaces for their foods in case a catastrophic event lasts for many days.

According to the legend, Lizard People did not use the traditional pick and shovel to make tunnels. Instead, they use powerful chemicals for the creation and ventilation. Large rooms were occupied by thousands of families and their foods were stored in the catacombs.  Lizard People made a key room that served as a directory to all parts of the city and their records were kept on gold tablets, which measured 4 feet long and 14 inches wide.

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Aliens Are Responsible For the Missing Malaysia Plane?

Traces of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER are yet to be found four days after it disappeared and lost contact with civilian air traffic control, roughly midway between Kota Bharu and southern tip of Vietnam, flying at 10, 650 meters or 35,000 feet. Speculations and conspiracies about the incident have been all over the internet and mainstream news including alien abduction theory.

The mysterious disappearance of the jetliner carrying 239 passengers have brought many answers from online communities. Online aviation forums have been flooded with so many explanations and theories including meteor shower struck the passenger airplane, hit by missiles, military conspiracy and terrorist attack. There are suggestions about the location of the wreckage. The most extreme explanation is that the plane was abducted by extraterrestrials and brought to the outer space by passing a wormhole.

UFO believers are familiar with the 1947 incident and they think the Government has been lying about aliens since then. UFO sighting reports have been all over the world reported by some credible people including retired military officers, pilot, engineers and former workers at Area 51. Many believe that UFOs are threat to the sovereignty of mankind.

The disappearance of the plane into thin air is still a mystery four days after the incident. The plane was travelling in a good weather condition. Boeing 777 is a passenger jetliner that has one of the best safety records of any commercial aircraft in service.

News about extraterrestrials abducting planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle is not new but alien abduction of plane from a different place is something unique. Were the extraterrestrials decided to abduct a plane in different area?

In a conference with various journalists, Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said that they are giving same weightage to all possibilities as of the moment.

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Extraterrestrial Sightings: Alien Theories at Appalachian Mountains

Several months ago a huge blast shook Hazard, leading investigation by emergency teams of the county that eventually ended at an abandoned mine. When fumes within the mine were rejected as the reason of the blast, no proper answers were ever provided. One popular theory surfaced explaining that a piece of iced space rock in the form of an asteroid came into the earth’s atmosphere and erupted as it was heated in the process.

Even though this is a credible idea, some witnesses remember witnessing a smoke and even a fire ball in midair. The blast was instantly plucked up by the large group of sky viewers searching for strange flying objects as evidence that something took place that evening in the skies above Hazard.

Just a simple search in major search engines on UFOs in the Appalachian Mountains, you can get lots of footages and reports about alleged aliens filling in the skies. Many are like spots of lighting, have camera glitches, and from less reliable eye witnesses. However, some, even if not proven aliens, are at least intriguing and strange.

extraterrestrialsMany believe that UFO sightings give a couple of unanswered questions, such as what are they and why are they moving to the mountains?

One such story that is presently getting large curiosity is a report coming from Pike County. A sparkling thing was witnessed in the sky on October 16, 2012 above various areas in Pike and Letcher counties. The object was identified as being long, reflective, and transparent. A number of images and footages of the UFO were obtained.

The sister papers of Herald in Williamson, West Virginia cited a thing being noticed there just hours before. The photographs obtained at both sightings appear similar and both were noticed in complete daylight, and were not just whizzes of light on an evening sky.

As documented by alien researchers, any extraterrestrial guests are most probably looking to investigate our planet much like people carry out with our NASA quests into outer space.

Now then for what reason are they heading to the Appalachian Mountains? People who believe in aliens would think it is because of the rich natural resources like fossil fuel, natural gas, wood, and different forms of rocks. Individuals who do not believe in aliens would probably have similar answer, however they would think it is natural event by these ample resources.

If it turns out aliens being are going down to investigate our mountain ranges, it makes sense that they would select places that best describe the planet Earth. When people have dispatched rovers to Mars, they have researched samples and delivered back images. Presently people actually have a piece of our most sophisticated technology on Mars’ surface delivering back data.

Alien or not, unusual events in Earth keep people searching and thinking about them. It is due to this search that breakthrough and knowledge can be learned.

The Similarity of NATO and Extraterrestrials

The United States and other NATO forces seem like to influence war after war due to their ability to start one on the land. The strong evidence of this is their invasion of Middle East countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libra, violating peaceful environment and Earth humanity. In, Dr. John Lash describes such cruelty or violence as the result of people or countries with regressive minds similar to aliens.

aliensIndeed, NATO forces have celebrated the fact that they have massacred a lot of people and destroyed the environment as they continue to respond to the war. However, they neglect to acknowledge the contribution of their movements to possible occurrence of more severe consequences in the future. The insanity of NATO military forces are so cruel that they tend to become jungle beasts or extraterrestrials whose main aim is to invade country after country.

On the other hand, humans are used to the theory that Dinosaurs went extinct because of the huge asteroid that hit on Earth. However, it has been also suggested that that theory did not actually happen. Rather, the intergalactic war between humans and reptilian aliens was the ultimate cause of such extinction. The extraterrestrial reptilians are said to have exploded a mighty weapon to destroy Earthly life-forms without harming valuable raw things on the planet.

There would be basis to think that the human violence and the triggered possible WW III are somewhat relevant to what had happened during that intergalactic war. Perhaps, the movements taken by the U.S and its NATO forces are the result of their behavior that imitates that of aliens.

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Former American Presidents and Extraterrestrials

Ronald Reagan


The American government is so mysterious that many have speculated over its secret activities. Perhaps, the main speculation that has been hovering for many decades is its meeting with extraterrestrials in private places. In fact, past presidents Ronald Raegan and Jimmy Carter were reported to have encountered things before their eyes that they could not really explain. But other former presidents were also associated with the well-known conspiracy on hiding secret files about aliens from people in their attempt to prevent public panic.

In 2005, former president Bill Clinton spoke about UFOs, the Area 51 and the famous Roswell incident in Hong Kong, China. He rejected the idea that the Roswell incident was true and that aliens were found to be the pilots of the speculated crashed unknown object. But he explained that if documents on alien encounters are true, then those could have been hidden from him and that there could possibly be people inside the government controlling such information without his knowledge.

President Raegan was still the governor of California when he and other four people saw an unusual object while riding a Cessna Citation plane in 1974. He described that the object was elongated and flying at a tremendous speed beyond normal speed of any human aircraft.

Also in November 12, 1963, a memo was sent by the late president John F. Kennedy to the CIA Head regarding UFO documents 10 days before his assassination. He wanted to review files of UFO intelligence, extraterrestrials, and its possible impact on national security.

Aliens: Earth Visitors or Not?

Aliens have been a big mystery in the scientific world. Many people claim to have seen some. Those sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) will never grow old. In fact, alien sighting goes back ages ago.

AliensYou might not know about this but there has been a said connection between the Ancient Egyptians and the so called one-eyed creatures, aliens. And then we also have Maya. Artifacts from both Egypt and Colombia show pictures of what seem to be UFOs. There is a documentary in which scientists made models of such flying objects to prove that they are actually capable of flying.

There is also one writer (Erich Von Daniken) who wrote in his book that visitations of extraterrestrials might have been mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible and the Book of Ezekiel. Also, Hindu scripts often mention about things (machines) that fly.

But enough with the popular ones, let us go to the less popular clues. The Dogon people of Mali, Africa believed that their ancestors were visited by aliens. They believed that the aliens came from a watery planet in the Sirius System. And that the said planet had three suns. Scientist never believed in this story. But just recently (to make the story more interesting), they have found out that the Sirius System is a tri- star system. The Dogons knew about this before scientists ever discovered it. So, do aliens really do exists? You decide.

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President Ike’s Alleged Hook Up With Aliens in 1954

Former United States president Dwight D. Eisenhower is remembered for his supervision of Normandy Invasion as well as leadership in defeating the Nazi Germany. But, there is a story in which the former President is shown worthy of his countrymen’s attention in an unusual manner. He has been claimed of having an arranged meeting with aliens way back 1954.

The story roots from an issue on the evening of February 20, 1954 when Eisenhower disappeared mysteriously in Palm Springs, California. The event made the press to demand for Ike’s whereabouts. During his disappearance, he was rumored to have died of a serious illness. In response to that, James Haggerty, the Press Secretary that time, immediately called a conference to inform the media that the President just went to a dental clinic because of a broken tooth, which he took from his chicken dinner. However, skeptics did not bite Haggerty’s explanation. Instead, they came up of a speculation that Eisenhower could have possibly met extraterrestrials somewhere in California.

The alleged location where Ike and aliens were said to have a private meeting was a U.S. Air Force base called Edwards Air Force Base, which lies on the border of Kern County. The story claims that the President was called on to see the wreckage of a UFO and was able to exchange remarks with the star beings. Though no proofs were disclosed to support this story, it cannot be denied that the American government has long been accused of hiding information on extraterrestrial activities on Earth.