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Researchers Could Find Extraterrestrial Life But Don’t Get Enough Funding From the Government

While alien life has been featured in many Hollywood movies and widely present in different media, it has never proven alien life exist even in the form of microbe.

Despite all adversities, researchers continue to pursue what could have been the greatest discovery of recent generation. These scientists support their speculations with astronomical facts that were not known by generation in the past.

NASA’s Kepler space telescope has some success in recent years, particularly on the discovery that the universe has many temperate worlds. Scientists discovered thousands of planets around other stars in the past 20 years. Recently discovered turn at least once a day rate.

It is more interesting to know that majority of stars have planets, suggesting that the Milky Way galaxy alone has trillions of planets. Kepler data suggests that 1 in 5 stars could be habitable since it is similar to Earth when it comes to size and temperatures. Such so-called habitable planets could be wrapped by atmospheres and covered in liquid water. In short, it is has a great probability that the Milky Way is a host to billions of Earth-like planets.

However, finding inhabitants in attractive cosmic land would be still difficult. The research for habitable planets so far has been indirect. NASA has been sending rovers to survey what is considered habitable surface in the universe. However, progress is sluggish and deliberate, mostly because of lack of funding.

The second method in looking for inhabitants is through using spectroscopy. A method that can determine the composition of an atmosphere in many light years away. However, researchers find it difficult to find oxygen or methane in someone else’s atmosphere because planets are dim and they orbit in bright stars. Solutions for this difficulty have been suggested by experts, such as sending high-tech orbiting telescopes and large light blockers. Engineers are capable to build the necessary equipment on a dozen years but could not do so because they had no money.

The third approach is looking for intelligent alien life by scanning for radio signals in the universe, but again, funding is very minimal.

NASA only has US$2.5 billion 2015 proposed budget for ongoing work on the new James Webb space telescope, astrophysics and planetary science. The budget is less than one-thousandth of the total federal budget of the U.S. Meanwhile, the budget for SETI, which search alien radio signals in the cosmos, will receive a thousand times less next year. The lack of will from the government hinders the process of discovering alien life.

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Alien invasion scare – Mass UFO sightings; Houston, Texas the next Battle Los Angeles

houston ufo

Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us. We would see things differently when we look them at a different perspective.

Strange light formations are observed in various parts of Houston each passing day which will leave us a question, are these lights just tricks made by our eyes, or are they something else?

A recent series of UFO sightings above the skies in Houston, Texas is now creating a massive buzz in social media sites. The massive extraterrestrial activity in the city has sparked speculation of an alien invasion and a real-life Independence Day scare became talk of the town. If there’s a place on earth today that will need a defense for an alien invasion, that place would probably be Texas. Make sense if we are expecting a real-life Independence Day or Battle Los Angeles scenario.

Numerous witnesses who posted their photo and video evidence of the sightings make the subject a hot topic in Facebook, twitter and YouTube as of the moment.
Andrew Pena shot one of the most interesting footage, Pena is a YouTube user who accidentally caught a formation of weird lights while filming a lightning storm in Houston on August 11, 2014.

More sightings of strange lights in Houston from different witnesses have surfaced. Each having their unique accounts of what they have seen.

Accounts of the UFO sightings were taken to Dr. Carolyn Sumners – Vice President for Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science for comments. She said UFO sightings could be caused by aliens, which are easy to say. If they are real, more witnesses seeing it from different places, the more likely we are to figure it out. A lot of things happened through our recorded history that we cannot explain, but that is what keeps the mystery exciting, she added.

Some are skeptical about the sightings; they say the lights were reflections coming from billboards, lamp posts and some other light source that could probably be identified as something abnormal by other people. Some also believe that the mysterious sightings could be a sign that there is something unknown lurking above the city, and their purpose and intentions still remain a mystery.

If the massive UFO sightings in Houston are extraterrestrial in origin, is there a need for us to worry? Stay calm and always watch the news. We don’t know what is coming.

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Alien life in space is possible, says SETI astronomers

The existence of primitive alien life in planets within the Milky Way galaxy is 100% possible as scientific evidence suggests. SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) astronomers Dan Werthimer and Seth Shostak told the US congress on May 23 that the outer space is “teeming with primitive life.”

aliensIn Werthimer’s written testimony he said that life and conditions necessary for life to exist can be seen within our galaxy and perhaps within our own solar system. Dr. Werthimer and Dr. Shostak said that the abundance of planets across the Milky Way galaxy roughly one trillion suggests that our universe might also be abundant with both intelligent and primitive life.

The astronomers presented evidence that suggests that primitive alien life in our own solar system is possible. Jupiter’s moon Europa might have the possibility of life. It is believed to have oceans below its uppermost layers of ice.

The purpose of their presentation in the House Committee is to secure further funding to support their continuous study and search for alien life in outer space. The pair said that developing and upgrading the tools and technologies like the Arecibo telescope-the largest radio telescope in the world, will greatly help identify distant civilization. There could be signals from extraterrestrial civility that is now reaching our planet but it is impossible to discover these signals with old SETI projects said the pair.

The US is will soon be overwhelmed by other countries, with China currently developing a radio telescope which measures 500 meters in diameter (larger than Arecibo). Dr. Werthimer said China may soon surpass SETI’s research capabilities and become the world’s preeminent prime radio telescope.

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New Facebook page

We have a new Facebook page for all alien lovers!

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Witnesses From NASA and MIT: Discovering Life Beyond Earth Is Inevitable

Scientists are almost there when it comes to scientific breakthrough in the search for life beyond earth, according to witnesses from MIT and NASA.
Human limits have been surpassed by the search for extra-terrestrial life. The road for much greater quest should pass through time and space.
The question “Are we alone?” was discussed once again on Wednesday as House committee convened to answer the question. The testimony, chaired by Lamar Smith of Texas, lasted for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and ended inconclusively.
However, NASA and MIT witnesses as well as the Library of Congress noted current situation in the quests for alien life and suggested scientists is on the right track of a breakthrough.
MIT professor Dr. Sara Seager, who is also the 2013 MacArthur recipient, said that for the first time, humanity has the technology to cross the threshold. Seager’ work is more on detecting bio signature on distant planets wherein lots of these planets have the possibility to host life whether single-cell bacteria or intelligent life.
According to Seager in her testimony, advances are changing the search for life beyond earth such as the James Webb space telescope, which is scheduled for launch in 2018. Seager said that mankind has the shot to discover life beyond Earth if life is everywhere.
Potential planets in the Milky Way galaxy that have been discovered by Kepler mission reached 3,500 wherein 647 thought to be the right planets for life to exist because of their right distance from stars as announced by NASA last November 2013. Moreover, two studies recently released reveals that the Hubble space telescope has found presence of water in 5 planets’ atmospheres outside the solar system.
Seager said that there is a big chance of life elsewhere in the universe and the question now is if there is life in stars close to planet Earth in which they think the chances are good.
All the witnesses suggested that continuous funding is needed for space research in particular and scientific research in general. The government allocated budget for NASA has decreased slightly, amounted to only $17.7bn because of deeper cuts in the last 10 years.
NASA’s senior scientist for astrobiology, Dry Mary Voytek, said that funding is very vital but noted that it’s a tough one to obtain enough funding.
Republican of Florida, Bill Posey, said that it’s inevitable to discover life on other planets and it’s just a matter of time and funding.

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White Supremacists Start To Invade the UFO Hotspot In the U.S.

The place is very popular as the location for “The X-Files” and as the home of annual UFO convention for unidentified flying object hunters. But not all visitors are welcomed by Rachel, Nevada residents, particularly the so-called supremacist church.
Connie West, owner of Little A’Le’Inn complained about a mysterious man who has been buying parcels of land. What added to the mystery is that the man has not showed his face to anyone.


On the record, it was Richard Bunck who bought a convenience store, a gas station of the town and a mobile home park wherein the occupants were evicted without mercy.

According to one of the pastors of the local Baptist Church, Robert Kenniston, their congregation nearly reduced to nothing as people are leaving the desert area next to Area 51.

Kenniston claimed that Bunck visited and said to him “There’s a story going around town that I am a neo-Nazi and a white supremacist.” Kenniston replied “I believe you are the reason for that story.” The conversation ended that way as what Kenniston told Channel 8.

FBI agents also visited the area asking about Brunck and his affiliated JHM Church, according to residents.

The church has belief that whites are the real descendants of God.

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A UFO Religion Wants To Instil The True Meaning of Swastika Symbol

The symbol has long been associated with the Nazis and a UFO religion wants to reclaim it. Beachgoers, who soaked up the sun of Long Island last month, turned their attention to a light aircraft moving over them with a flag trailing behind it. On the aircraft was a banner with swastika symbol and its website
The stunt was organise by one of the world’s largest UFO religions known as Raelians. It was part of pro-swastika campaign hoping to rehabilitate the symbol. Members of these UFO religion believe that the Nazis pirated the symbol and they want to get it back.
According to Raelians, swastika symbol had been used by different civilisations including South Asia, Africa and China since the Bronze Age before Hitler adopted it in 1920 as the Nazi logo. Head of the pro-swastika movement, Thomas Kaenzig, argues that the Nazi regime will continue to own the swastika symbol as long as people associate it with Hitler and the terrors of his regime. Kaenzig says that they want to get it back and let the people know around the world that swastika is an ancient symbol of good luck and harmony.
Kaenzig says that they feel offended whenever somebody associated swastika to something negative because it is their official symbol. He explains that when they flew flag on the East Coast, it was not mean to incite hatred but to educate people around the world about the real meaning of swastika symbol.

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Extra-terrestrial Profanity is Apparently the Reason BBC Nixes the Idea of Live Broadcast on Potential Discovery of Intelligent Aliens

Media networks always prefer to become the source of any breaking news.

The first discovery of advanced alien civilization would be a great opportunity for any networks to broadcast such big news. However, BBC apparently would not jump at the opportunity to broadcast such breaking news.

aliensOn November 7, 2012, BB 6 Music breakfast show featured British physicist and professor Brian Cox. The professor told the host of the show, Shaun Keaveny, that he and his colleagues on the BBC’s Stargazing Live, an astronomy program, planned to investigate Threapleton Holmes B by pointing the Jodrell Bank telescope at it to listen for signs of life. The team found this planet in 2011 and it has reportedly never been examined by a radio telescope. However, before the team materialized their plan, Cox claimed that BBC disallowed the idea.

He explained that BBC actually said that they can’t do what they planned because they need to go through the health and safety, regulations, and everything in case they discover a signal from intelligent aliens.

Cox added that he responded by clarifying if BBC officials are worried about health and safety when they will discover the first hint that there is other intelligent life other than in Earth.
With this revelation by Cox, it seems that the BBC have advanced knowledge that extra-terrestrials on Threapleton Holmes B are foul-mouthed or speak with profanity, or the network may be involved in some kind of cover-up conspiracy.

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