Increasing Chance of Detecting ET

The probe into whether the existence of extraterrestrials is true or just a fictional concept is likely to remain in eternity unless one could present valid evidence that these supernatural creatures really exist. But the discovery of a planet which is estimated to be just 4 light years away from earth is considered to be hosting extraterrestrial life.

The revelation of new planets is made possible by powerful telescopes which are purposely created to find evidence that aliens may be just out there hovering in the universe, waiting to be encountered by humans. In fact, since the early 1990s, hundreds of exoplanets have been unveiled using these high-tech telescopes. According to astronomer Bob Nichol at Portsmouth University in the UK, the discovery of new planets increases the possibility that humans may find extraterrestrial life in the near future.

At Geneva Observatory, researchers theorized that the newly discovered planet may be capable of support life since it is too close to its own sun, which is also a common indicator that it has neighbor planets that are also orbiting the star in the same system.

Two super telescopes are expected to take launch in the next decades: the Extreme Large Telescope (E-ELT) of Europe and the radio telescope Square Kilometer Array (SKA). These two devices are built for only one aim, which is to look for signs of extraterrestrials on other planets. Astron general director Mike Garrett of the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy sees the capabilities of these new telescopes to effectively detect alien life in the future.

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Extraterrestrial Sightings: Alien Theories at Appalachian Mountains

Several months ago a huge blast shook Hazard, leading investigation by emergency teams of the county that eventually ended at an abandoned mine. When fumes within the mine were rejected as the reason of the blast, no proper answers were ever provided. One popular theory surfaced explaining that a piece of iced space rock in the form of an asteroid came into the earth’s atmosphere and erupted as it was heated in the process.

Even though this is a credible idea, some witnesses remember witnessing a smoke and even a fire ball in midair. The blast was instantly plucked up by the large group of sky viewers searching for strange flying objects as evidence that something took place that evening in the skies above Hazard.

Just a simple search in major search engines on UFOs in the Appalachian Mountains, you can get lots of footages and reports about alleged aliens filling in the skies. Many are like spots of lighting, have camera glitches, and from less reliable eye witnesses. However, some, even if not proven aliens, are at least intriguing and strange.

extraterrestrialsMany believe that UFO sightings give a couple of unanswered questions, such as what are they and why are they moving to the mountains?

One such story that is presently getting large curiosity is a report coming from Pike County. A sparkling thing was witnessed in the sky on October 16, 2012 above various areas in Pike and Letcher counties. The object was identified as being long, reflective, and transparent. A number of images and footages of the UFO were obtained.

The sister papers of Herald in Williamson, West Virginia cited a thing being noticed there just hours before. The photographs obtained at both sightings appear similar and both were noticed in complete daylight, and were not just whizzes of light on an evening sky.

As documented by alien researchers, any extraterrestrial guests are most probably looking to investigate our planet much like people carry out with our NASA quests into outer space.

Now then for what reason are they heading to the Appalachian Mountains? People who believe in aliens would think it is because of the rich natural resources like fossil fuel, natural gas, wood, and different forms of rocks. Individuals who do not believe in aliens would probably have similar answer, however they would think it is natural event by these ample resources.

If it turns out aliens being are going down to investigate our mountain ranges, it makes sense that they would select places that best describe the planet Earth. When people have dispatched rovers to Mars, they have researched samples and delivered back images. Presently people actually have a piece of our most sophisticated technology on Mars’ surface delivering back data.

Alien or not, unusual events in Earth keep people searching and thinking about them. It is due to this search that breakthrough and knowledge can be learned.

DNA Search on Mars Could Boost Search for Aliens


Mars has been the subject for the search for extraterrestrial life for more than 30 years. Many researchers believe that the Martian planet is capable of hosting life-forms but the Viking missions of NASA brought back nothing but inconclusive results. But an announcement by Genomics maverick Craig Venter may bring light to the hope for evidence on extraterrestrials.

Venter stated at the Wired Health Conference in New York that he is aiming for the launch of a DNA sequencer to the red planet to beam back the genomes of any microbes from aliens. He believes that DNA on Mars is searchable if explorers only know the methods of looking for them.

It has been theorized that the raw materials of life could have disseminated throughout the solar system during the early times and that life may come forth numerous times from the same ingredients. Besides, scientists think that life may have travelled between Earth and Mars million years ago in which collision of asteroids could have sent a vast number of rocks career between the neighboring planets.

It has been also said that the appearance of DNA in one planet could only mean that there is life on it, and that this can be found on Mars, which seems to wait to be fully investigated with the right tools and application of methods.

Venter refused to explain further about his plan but admitted that such may have slim changes of search for extraterrestrials. Besides, lead scientist Michael Meyer for Mars Exploration Programme of NASA supports the possibility that NASA may include DNA sequencer in the next rover launches on Mars.

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More People Believe in the Existence of Extraterrestrials than God

Over 33 million citizens in U.K. accept extraterrestrial life as true while only more than 27 million, which is less than half of the country’s population, who believe in God’s existence.

That is the revelation by online research of 1,359 adults who were questioned a number of things varying from perception in alien visits to Earth, doubts of UFO information cover-ups, belief in extraterrestrials versus belief in God, and whether or not humans really gotten on the moon.

extraterrestrialsThe online survey, done by Opinion Matters, disclosed the following information:

• Fifty two percent think UFO information has been prevented to come out because knowledge of their presence would jeopardize government stability.
• Forty-four percent believe in God.
• One in ten individuals has claimed witnessing a UFO.
• One-fourth more men than women assert to have witnessed UFOs.
• Twenty percent of participants think UFOs have arrived on Earth.
• Over five million British people think the Apollo moon landings were manipulated.

Even though the survey was made as part of launching of the video game, “XCOM: Enemy Unknown,” it was an appropriate sampling of beliefs that can be used to stand for the entire people of the U.K., according to the organization that carried out the survey.

The online survey has been conducted with an autonomous panel through a legitimate research organization, according to Karen Brooks, executive at Opinion Matters, a renowned market research organization that made the study.

She further explained that surveys can be executed face-to-face, over the phone and on the internet. She continued that the online survey was a U.K. adult sample, which is very large, and working at it on the internet is a fast, efficient method of taking to that individuals. She pointed out that they ensure that all questions are agreeable from a research perspective.

However, many are doubtful of the findings, such as Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff, an Anglican priest who played a big role at the World Dialogue Council, an organization that encourages healthier relations between the West and Islamic societies.

Having handled a particular volume of job with statistics on religious beliefs, Macdonald-Radcliff is fundamentally doubtful regarding what these data suggest, and especially if there is a narrow, selective base. He explained that around 1,000 people cannot represent the entire nation with this kind of survey.

Macdonald-Radcliff mentioned that he actually does believe that the failure to explain what they are asking to people is a relatively crucial failure for the survey.

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Could Humans Be Also Called Extraterrestrials?

People have been claiming to have seen aliens and ufos up in the sky. But up to present, no one can fully support the idea that there are other beings outside the Earth that might be more powerful than humans. However, that concept is directed disputed by what some scientists suggested about.

AliensAccording to experts who wrote in the “Astrobiology” journal, Earth could have been coming from extraterrestrial microbes before it raised humans. This theory is based on estimations which showed the possibility of rock fragments from other galaxies that had landed on Earth long time ago.

The research report speculated that such fragments could have contained dormant bugs or embedded microorganisms capable of surviving through space even with high cosmic radiation levels. Experts believe in a process called lithopanspermia which suggests life travel from Earth to other planets outside the solar system. This could mean that humans might be also called as extraterrestrials that have evolved from the earliest times long before Earth is fully formed.

Lead researcher Edward Belbruno of Princeton University further stated the likelihood of lithopanspermia in which universe is filled with life similar to Earth. Thus, it suggests the idea that there are other humans exist in other galaxies or planets in the form of extraterrestrials as well.

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Ancient Buddhist Statue Discovered with Extraterrestrial Origins

The world is seen to have things that human cannot explain. In fact, there are several structures such as the Pyramid of Giza, the Stone heads in Easter Island and the Nazca Lines in Peru that are believed to have associated with aliens and UFOs. It may not be as big as theses structures, a statue is said to have originated from the outer space or perhaps from the other galaxies.

nazca linesThe artifact is a small sculpture measuring 9 and ½ inches and is traced back to a meteorite called “Chinga” that landed some 10,000 to 20,000 years ago on the border region between Mongolia and Siberia. The artifact resembles the Buddhist god Vaiśravaṇa and is also called “iron Man” because it is primarily composed of iron. The statue has been linked to aliens because it is carved from a material of extraterrestrial origin.

This artifact was delivered back to Germany because its chest has a symbol that is identical to Nazi’s wastika. It was discovered in 1938 by an expedition to Tibet led by the Nazi. Vaiśravaṇa is the guardian of the north on the mountain of Sumeru. It is a sign of generosity as it is depicted with jewels. Recently, scientist just concluded that the artifact has qualities of extraterrestrials because of its composites and forms.

Scientist Theory: Extraterrestrials are Already Here on Earth

Extraterrestrial microorganisms might have delivered life to Earth after moving through space for many millions of years, according to scientists.

This theory is centered on computations demonstrating a great chance of rock fragments from planets in other star systems touchdown on Earth long ago. “A few of them could have brought embedded microbes,” according to researchers writing in the Astrobiology journal.

The study implies the inactive microbes could successfully have made it through the long voyage in the space, even with high degrees of cosmic radiation. Simple life may similarly well have travelled from Earth to planets beyond the Solar System, the experts think.

aliensThe procedure, identified as lithopanspermia, could suggest the universe is filled with Earth-like life.
‘Our work … suggests the possibility of lithopanspermia and it might be the first paper to prove that,’ stated head researcher Dr Edward Belbruno, from Princeton University in the US. ‘If this process is accurate, it has effects for life in the universe as a whole. ‘This could have taken place anywhere.’

Huge volcanic eruptions, meteorite blows and crashes with other bodies can lead to rocky pieces of planets to take off into outer space.

When the Solar System was new, and the Sun much nearer to its neighbors than it is at present, some of this particles could have been interchanged between planets revolving different stars, say the researchers. Moving fairly slow, there was a decent possibility of them being ‘captured’ by the gravity of planets they reached.

The scientists ran computer programs replicating the star group in which the Sun was developed.
They discovered that of all the rocky particles throw off from our Solar System and its nearest neighbor, between 5 and 12 out of 10,000 could have been taken by the other.

Throughout a period of 10 million to 90 million years, anything between 100 trillion and 30 quadrillion materials weighing over 10 kilograms could have been relocated.

Any microbes ending up on Earth would have located a planet already enveloped in water with environments ideal for life.

The Sun’s birth cluster gradually broke apart when the Solar System was 135 million to 535 million years of age. Earth was born with surface water when the Solar System was only 288 million years old, making it possible that the planet was prepared to have alien microorganisms.

An astronomer from the Centro de Astrobiologia in Spain and co-author Dr Amaya Moro-Martin said: ‘Our research ends when the solid matter is caught by the second planetary system, however, for lithopanspermia to be finished it definitely needs to land on a terrestrial planet where life could prosper.

‘The research of the likelihood of landing on a terrestrial planet is job that we currently realize is worth performing since large amounts of solid elements coming initially from the first planetary system may be stuck by the second planetary system, ready to land on a terrestrial planet. ‘Our research does not confirm lithopanspermia really happened, but it suggests that it is an open possibility.’

The study was presented at the 2012 European Planetary Science Congress in Madrid.

The Similarity of NATO and Extraterrestrials

The United States and other NATO forces seem like to influence war after war due to their ability to start one on the land. The strong evidence of this is their invasion of Middle East countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libra, violating peaceful environment and Earth humanity. In, Dr. John Lash describes such cruelty or violence as the result of people or countries with regressive minds similar to aliens.

aliensIndeed, NATO forces have celebrated the fact that they have massacred a lot of people and destroyed the environment as they continue to respond to the war. However, they neglect to acknowledge the contribution of their movements to possible occurrence of more severe consequences in the future. The insanity of NATO military forces are so cruel that they tend to become jungle beasts or extraterrestrials whose main aim is to invade country after country.

On the other hand, humans are used to the theory that Dinosaurs went extinct because of the huge asteroid that hit on Earth. However, it has been also suggested that that theory did not actually happen. Rather, the intergalactic war between humans and reptilian aliens was the ultimate cause of such extinction. The extraterrestrial reptilians are said to have exploded a mighty weapon to destroy Earthly life-forms without harming valuable raw things on the planet.

There would be basis to think that the human violence and the triggered possible WW III are somewhat relevant to what had happened during that intergalactic war. Perhaps, the movements taken by the U.S and its NATO forces are the result of their behavior that imitates that of aliens.

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