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Alien-Looking Entity Caught On Camera In Salford

A video footage on YouTube posted by Para Truthers channel seems to manifest extra terrestrial in Salford. The channel says in the video description that that grey alien caught on camera in January 2015 in Salford, UK. The report adds that the entity is definitely an alien by the way it walks and too skinny and tall to be just a regular person. It also says that the skin appears to be wet like a snake’s skin. The channel shortly describes the entity as rare, tall, white type of Grey.

The account has been posting several other sightings of Grey Aliens, similar to the latest post. It also made a claim that it was shut down recently by the Government.

While many reactions to the video have been sceptical, one commenter claims living in Salford and concerned about the possibility of space aliens being sighted in the area.

YouTube username Chebbers Deighton says the head looks creepy, and the entity makes weird movement like everyone is talking about in Salford. Deighton adds that it is not right for anyone to say it is fake if he or she is not living in the area.

Believed to have been found in Salford in January, only in February the video of the strange being was posted to YouTube by Para Truthers. But it is not evident in the video where it was taken.

Many viewers of the video don’t believe that it shows a being from another planet. Commenter Jon Haire says that someone put on a cheap skin tight suit and put something in the head.

Alien sighting is not new in Greater Manchester. Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays claims to have seen aliens growing up and says that there have been over 20 UFO sightings. A caller from Wigan reported seeing 17 spaceships with green aliens inside. In 2009, two sightings were reportedly happening in Stockport on the same day.

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