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The Truth Is Out There Ignoring Mankind

Many American adults are open to the idea that UFOs were visiting Earth to observe human activities, according to the result of a poll conducted last year.

The poll revealed that 48 percent of American adults believe on the possibility of alien visitation, but the reason why extraterrestrials observe mankind remains a mystery. Perhaps, humanity is not looking more at the possibility because of anticipation that it is not going to be good. But sometimes it is difficult not to look at it.

Maybe, while in the middle of a dinner when aliens taking their foods with their own dinnerware, one of them wishes he could unseen what he saw right now down on Earth.

To a civilization that is ahead of mankind perhaps millions of years, humanity should look like a mess. This is one theory that the humanity has never been contacted by aliens. Mankind is too primitive brother to them. Many people lean toward that theory, including astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

UFOs are one of people’s guilty pleasure. Many people like to watch UFO videos when not doing serious activities such as watching banjo videos or funny pet videos. Almost all of the UFO videos are either barely discernable, computer-generated imagery or shaky dots of light.

Still many are hoping to watch real UFO videos. If aliens would pay less attention to human activities such as wars, environmental crimes and nonsense political gimmicks, maybe they would love to check humanity’s music and cute dogs, and make a landing on somebody’s lawn soon.

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