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Aliens Are Responsible For the Missing Malaysia Plane?

Traces of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER are yet to be found four days after it disappeared and lost contact with civilian air traffic control, roughly midway between Kota Bharu and southern tip of Vietnam, flying at 10, 650 meters or 35,000 feet. Speculations and conspiracies about the incident have been all over the internet and mainstream news including alien abduction theory.

The mysterious disappearance of the jetliner carrying 239 passengers have brought many answers from online communities. Online aviation forums have been flooded with so many explanations and theories including meteor shower struck the passenger airplane, hit by missiles, military conspiracy and terrorist attack. There are suggestions about the location of the wreckage. The most extreme explanation is that the plane was abducted by extraterrestrials and brought to the outer space by passing a wormhole.

UFO believers are familiar with the 1947 incident and they think the Government has been lying about aliens since then. UFO sighting reports have been all over the world reported by some credible people including retired military officers, pilot, engineers and former workers at Area 51. Many believe that UFOs are threat to the sovereignty of mankind.

The disappearance of the plane into thin air is still a mystery four days after the incident. The plane was travelling in a good weather condition. Boeing 777 is a passenger jetliner that has one of the best safety records of any commercial aircraft in service.

News about extraterrestrials abducting planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle is not new but alien abduction of plane from a different place is something unique. Were the extraterrestrials decided to abduct a plane in different area?

In a conference with various journalists, Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said that they are giving same weightage to all possibilities as of the moment.

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China Prioritizing Search for Extraterrestrial Life

While China is taking over the world with its products, it is also racing up to finding intelligence outer space. China is making search for extraterrestrials a national priority. Ever since they launched their first astronaut, China has become hooked.

aliensTiangong 1, China’s first established space station, was on its way to space on 2011. The year after that, China perfectly managed to land the manned Shenzhou 9 mission at the space station. And currently, the sleeping giant, China, is devising a plan on exploring the Moon and Mars.

Making the search for aliens is made possible by Xi Jinping, China’s Vice President. The Vice President lately announced at the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Beijing China. As per China Daily, Vice President Xi Jinping made it clear that the country is more focused on becoming a world leader and an intergalactic pioneer.

A professor at the University of Hong Kong named Sun Kwok was moved by the Vice President’s appearance and speech at the said event. And with that happening, Sun Kwok strongly believes that exploring space and finding extraterrestrials is a national anteriority.

The professor was also placed as the vice president of the International Astronomical Union’s or IAU bio astronomy Commission 51 during the assembly. And Kwok concluded that with the advancement of China’s research on alien life, they would find what they are looking for within the next 50 years or 20 years, if they are lucky enough.

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