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Alien invasion scare – Mass UFO sightings; Houston, Texas the next Battle Los Angeles

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Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us. We would see things differently when we look them at a different perspective.

Strange light formations are observed in various parts of Houston each passing day which will leave us a question, are these lights just tricks made by our eyes, or are they something else?

A recent series of UFO sightings above the skies in Houston, Texas is now creating a massive buzz in social media sites. The massive extraterrestrial activity in the city has sparked speculation of an alien invasion and a real-life Independence Day scare became talk of the town. If there’s a place on earth today that will need a defense for an alien invasion, that place would probably be Texas. Make sense if we are expecting a real-life Independence Day or Battle Los Angeles scenario.

Numerous witnesses who posted their photo and video evidence of the sightings make the subject a hot topic in Facebook, twitter and YouTube as of the moment.
Andrew Pena shot one of the most interesting footage, Pena is a YouTube user who accidentally caught a formation of weird lights while filming a lightning storm in Houston on August 11, 2014.

More sightings of strange lights in Houston from different witnesses have surfaced. Each having their unique accounts of what they have seen.

Accounts of the UFO sightings were taken to Dr. Carolyn Sumners – Vice President for Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science for comments. She said UFO sightings could be caused by aliens, which are easy to say. If they are real, more witnesses seeing it from different places, the more likely we are to figure it out. A lot of things happened through our recorded history that we cannot explain, but that is what keeps the mystery exciting, she added.

Some are skeptical about the sightings; they say the lights were reflections coming from billboards, lamp posts and some other light source that could probably be identified as something abnormal by other people. Some also believe that the mysterious sightings could be a sign that there is something unknown lurking above the city, and their purpose and intentions still remain a mystery.

If the massive UFO sightings in Houston are extraterrestrial in origin, is there a need for us to worry? Stay calm and always watch the news. We don’t know what is coming.

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