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Legend of The Lost City And Lizard People

Los Angeles is one of the busiest city in the world that people are not aware of the little changes in the environment or perhaps no time to think such things. However, there could be a big thing that left unnoticed for a long period over the hustle and bustle of modern day. The city may stand above another city of catacombs or the lost city filled with enormous numbers of treasure and preserved ancient records of human races that are way more advanced when it comes to technology and intellect than the most-intelligent man in the modern era.

Geophysical engineer G. Warren Shufelt is very interested to reveal the history of the lost city underneath Fort Moore Hill and the truth about the legendary Lizard People. Shufelt with few associates has driven a 250 feet shaft under downtown Los Angeles with the mouth positioned on the old Banning property at North Hill Street. The location is overlooking North Broadway and Sunset Boulevard. Shufelt has a strong belief that his team can discover catacombs and golden tablets.


Shufelt learned the tale of the Lizard People when his radio X-ray led him under Mt. Washington. He was told about the Lizard People when he shared his discovery to experts and locals. Shufelt knew that he was discovering a tunnel-like structure under the ground of the busy city. So, he mapped up the pattern of tunnels carefully and identified the specific locations of large rooms throughout the underground structure as well as the place of gold deposits. However, he doesn’t have an idea on the meaning of the structure.

According to the legend, Lizard People are ancient people with more advanced intellect than modern humans. Shufelt may reveal one of the three lost underground cities on the Pacific Coast, which the Lizard People created after being hit by a catastrophic event occurred 5000 years ago.

Legend states that very huge tongue fire destroyed everything in its path which started from Southwest. The fire measured hundreds of miles wide. To protect themselves from the same catastrophe, the Lizard People built underground tunnel and storage spaces for their foods in case a catastrophic event lasts for many days.

According to the legend, Lizard People did not use the traditional pick and shovel to make tunnels. Instead, they use powerful chemicals for the creation and ventilation. Large rooms were occupied by thousands of families and their foods were stored in the catacombs.  Lizard People made a key room that served as a directory to all parts of the city and their records were kept on gold tablets, which measured 4 feet long and 14 inches wide.

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