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The Truth Is Out There Ignoring Mankind

Many American adults are open to the idea that UFOs were visiting Earth to observe human activities, according to the result of a poll conducted last year.

The poll revealed that 48 percent of American adults believe on the possibility of alien visitation, but the reason why extraterrestrials observe mankind remains a mystery. Perhaps, humanity is not looking more at the possibility because of anticipation that it is not going to be good. But sometimes it is difficult not to look at it.

Maybe, while in the middle of a dinner when aliens taking their foods with their own dinnerware, one of them wishes he could unseen what he saw right now down on Earth.

To a civilization that is ahead of mankind perhaps millions of years, humanity should look like a mess. This is one theory that the humanity has never been contacted by aliens. Mankind is too primitive brother to them. Many people lean toward that theory, including astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

UFOs are one of people’s guilty pleasure. Many people like to watch UFO videos when not doing serious activities such as watching banjo videos or funny pet videos. Almost all of the UFO videos are either barely discernable, computer-generated imagery or shaky dots of light.

Still many are hoping to watch real UFO videos. If aliens would pay less attention to human activities such as wars, environmental crimes and nonsense political gimmicks, maybe they would love to check humanity’s music and cute dogs, and make a landing on somebody’s lawn soon.

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2011 UFO seen on primetime TV News Broadcast

More and more undeniable sightings of UFOs produced over major cities. There is clearly a progressive disclosure which is going on, this phenomenon is recent and new.

The so called extraterrestrials deliberatly show themselves in order to make the people and the mainstream media speak about them, even Hollywood has released 11 movies on the extraterrestrials just during this year 2011.

The number 11 is not random, it’s the great satanic number, it’s the signtaure of Satan. 1 stands for Allah, 11 stands for Satan’s rebellion against Allah, 11:11 stands for the general rebellion against Allah, the devils and their slaves, the illuminatim, deceptively called 11:11 the Awakening signal, which is no more than general possession by the Jinns: you feel that something is changing in you from a day to another, that’s the possession of the Jinns, it means you’re entering in their ultimate illusion.

The extraterrestrials are not really a benevolent advanced civilization, but are devils/jinns/shaytans under human shape. They don’t mandatory want to attack us, their ploy is far more tricky, all they want is our soul. They want us to rebel against Allah, to deny His legitimate authority, to reject His universal Divine Rules (contained in the Quran), …., and to buy their New Age Satanic lie: we are gods, we can do whatever we want, there is no good and evil, there is no Judgement Day, there is no hell and paradise…

Satanism does not mandatory mean to be wicked, violent, black….it just means rebellion against Allah, our Sole True Creator and God. New Age is Satanism.

The Extraterrestrials may split into 2 groups: some will be labeled as good (the pleadians, the Galactic Confederation of Light, Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters….) and some will be labeled as evil (the reptilians, the annunakis, ….), BUT ACTUALLY they all serve the same global satanic plan and are all works hand in hand…THEY ARE JINNS.

Beware of these deceptive end times, for those who fear Allah, it’s now time to turn back to Him, to ask for forgiveness and to redeem yourself on the basis of the Quran, you’ll receive an infinite reward, for the rest, you’ll all be destroyed and this will open for you a permanent punishment: the eternal flames of hell.

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