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More People Believe in the Existence of Extraterrestrials than God

Over 33 million citizens in U.K. accept extraterrestrial life as true while only more than 27 million, which is less than half of the country’s population, who believe in God’s existence.

That is the revelation by online research of 1,359 adults who were questioned a number of things varying from perception in alien visits to Earth, doubts of UFO information cover-ups, belief in extraterrestrials versus belief in God, and whether or not humans really gotten on the moon.

extraterrestrialsThe online survey, done by Opinion Matters, disclosed the following information:

• Fifty two percent think UFO information has been prevented to come out because knowledge of their presence would jeopardize government stability.
• Forty-four percent believe in God.
• One in ten individuals has claimed witnessing a UFO.
• One-fourth more men than women assert to have witnessed UFOs.
• Twenty percent of participants think UFOs have arrived on Earth.
• Over five million British people think the Apollo moon landings were manipulated.

Even though the survey was made as part of launching of the video game, “XCOM: Enemy Unknown,” it was an appropriate sampling of beliefs that can be used to stand for the entire people of the U.K., according to the organization that carried out the survey.

The online survey has been conducted with an autonomous panel through a legitimate research organization, according to Karen Brooks, executive at Opinion Matters, a renowned market research organization that made the study.

She further explained that surveys can be executed face-to-face, over the phone and on the internet. She continued that the online survey was a U.K. adult sample, which is very large, and working at it on the internet is a fast, efficient method of taking to that individuals. She pointed out that they ensure that all questions are agreeable from a research perspective.

However, many are doubtful of the findings, such as Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff, an Anglican priest who played a big role at the World Dialogue Council, an organization that encourages healthier relations between the West and Islamic societies.

Having handled a particular volume of job with statistics on religious beliefs, Macdonald-Radcliff is fundamentally doubtful regarding what these data suggest, and especially if there is a narrow, selective base. He explained that around 1,000 people cannot represent the entire nation with this kind of survey.

Macdonald-Radcliff mentioned that he actually does believe that the failure to explain what they are asking to people is a relatively crucial failure for the survey.

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